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Plan For Shrinking Regions in the Netherlands

Project X: Localise & Globalise Efficiently

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Short description of Project X:

The Netherlands has 3 shrinking regions which needs revitalizing. The concept of the transformation is Localisation and Globalisation of the economy in an efficient way ( Blue Swan Efficiency !! ).

1-Localisation by bringing the people together in their communities. This needs to be developed..maybe with the Blue Zone concept of living combined with the Blue Swan Theory and De Blue Swan Serendipity Navigator for maximum Safety & Health for All !!

See plan: Health & Serendipity and Total Safety & Serendipity for health and safety transformation and the way to finance it.

2-Globalisation by connection to the World Trade Ports ( Software & Local Area Copylike Initiatives ) and the Silk Route - Railroads and Sea Ports ( Hardware ) for boosting up economy with barter trade with projects and goods. Fair Trade guarenteed with the Blue Swan Theory.

The Overall Plan for all areas in the world is:

1- Make healthy and safe communities with the Blue Swan Serendipity Navigator. Invest the healthcare savings is education and enetertaiment

2- Roll out of the World Trade Port Concept + Blue Swan Serendipity Navigator to the 3000 WTP's

3- Tell all people about the big-bang that's coming. . . . the multiverse, multiworld and that one can

     have influence of his/her own future incl. a long and healthy life span. It's depending of their own

     serendipity ( BSI-Index ) which can be controlled with efficiency in the Blue Swan Serendipity

     Navigator App.

Total control of your health with the Blue Swan Serendipty Navigator

Extra challenge in this region are the earthquakes through gas exploration