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Cases in The Netherlands

Basis Adminstratie Software ( 27th of june 2017 )

Email to BIT and offered some help with the flying Black Swan.

Also mailed Ronald Plasterk the one responsible (ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken ) via PVDA

Cases World Wide

Takata Airbag Disaster

There's something wrong with Takata's claim of "the development of Total Safety Systems".

Maybe we can help Takata? Just mail info[at]projectman[dot]blue

The question is: Can the Black Swan that has landed on Takata be turned into a Blue Swan?

I have mailed Takata on June 13th 2017

On the 17th still no answer from the Fortress Takata.

The next 2 days I will phone them after an article in a paper about bankruptcy on June 17th 2017.

Maybe we can make a deal

to save Takata with

the Blue Swan Theory that will

banish the Black Swan.

First step is to remove the claim "Total Safety Systems"

from their website!! It's bad marketing!!


27-6-2017: Takata is taken over by another airbag manifacturer. But still millions of dangerous airbags are in the cars. I will contact Honda.