The World's Standard Project Management Port including management of the Unknown where the Blue Swans & Black Swans fly! ( R&D, Projects, Personal )

Use of this site

This innovative info can be used by everybody. But I suggest a trade. So pay for usage and with that money I will build the World Trade Port for mankind. Why? Because I want it! Bank number...see above.

Initiator of this site:

Alfred J.Bollebakker a.k.a. The Beast ( of Breda )

I planned many industrial and infra projects in the Netherlands and meanwhile found on a serendipitious way the triangle (1)Project, (2)Efficiency and (3)Serendipity in 2006. After 8 years of testing and improvement on many projects I manage to transform the triangle into a usable process in december the 27th of 2014. It's called the Blue Swan Serendipity Navigator.

From that date on the Unknown Unkown can be managed systematically. And now I'm rolling out this method on R&D, projects, companies, government, authoririties, universities, care ( insurance ) industry  and Daily Life.

With the Blue Swan Serendipity Navigator everyone, every project, company etc. can maintain the Blue Swan Index. ------->