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74,5 billion for healthcare ( 28.8% ) is way too much!

and also 28,8 % for social sercurity is too much.

It's due to inefficiency all around!!

Plans are made to unstress people with srendipity ( via their dreams/ hobbies ).

The 4 biggest insurrance companies in the Netherlands ( Achmea, VGZ, CZ and Menzis )are asked to use Serendipity in Healthcare to make the people healthy again on 27th of April 2017....but still radio silence on the other side.

Reducing the Healthcare budget with 30 billion and put it in Education, Entertaiment en Scientific Research is possible when Serendipity is introduced in Healthcare.

What are we waiting for?

It's a two-sided sword!

Serendipity will unstress you and that's essential for your health!

  Income and Expenses in the Netherlands