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Free Will and Serendipity + Efficiency

Every action can be done (in)efficient

You must choose, and this is your free will, with the information available what choice to make.

There are consequnces because

The law of Alfred says ( and it's personal ):

An (in)efficient Choice generates (Un)serendipity.

Want to know wat efficiency is?

Follow the link!


On a nice afternoon in the mountains of Italy.

A woman drives with her convertable on a mountain road. All of a sudden in a bend a pig is crossing the road. She nearly missed that pig as she's going around the bend. On the other side, the canyon side, a man is driving also in his convertable. She tries to warn him and screams "PIG!" as loud as she can. He hears her scream PIG and he gets angry because his pride was effected. He looks aside and....but it's too late. He hits the pig, looses control over his convertable and falls down into the canyon. He has the unserendipity that at that place there was no railing.

The moral of this story is:

Information is FREE but it can be processed (in)efficiently with (un)serendipity as outcome and in the end a Black/Blue Swan.

It's all the result of your FREE will.

And moreover you are also responsible of your FREE information!

Do you want algorithms rule your world?

This is also your choice. Always using the same search engine will enslave you. Reading the same paper also. It's a sort of arrogance.

Maybe Sam Harris & Dick Swaab must go back to the drawing table?