The World's Standard Project Management Port including management of the Unknown where the Blue Swans & Black Swans fly! ( R&D, Projects, Personal )

1- Serendipity cannot be predicted by any means, but it can be systematically ( process wise ) invoked in time for your R&D, Projects or Daily Life

since 27-dec-2014.

2- Serendipity ( Blue Swans ) banish Unserendipity /  lets Unserendipity ( Black Swans ) fly by.

The Logical evolution of Project Management Tools

A-Planning- -> B-Chance/Risk- -> C-Serendipity Management ( Process )

for management of The Unknown Unknown

Captain Chaos always arrives just in time to save the day. This time with the Serendipity Management Proces to "give sight" into the Unkown Unknown where the Black Swans and Blue Swans fly.

Norske oil claims that Black Swans can be avoided just by looking at risks differently. It's a bold assumption because the nature of a Black Swan is that you cannot prepare for it in anyway. You only can make the Black Swan fly by with serendipity ( the Blue Swan Theory ).

We will see in time if Norke's  assumption is right.

Maybe Nancy Green's approach is better?

From the 27th of December 2014 onwards one can manage the Unknown Unknowns with the Serendipity Navigator.

Just Do it!

To predict a Black Swan is impossible.

It can only be banned by the Blue Swan by means of the Serendipiteit Management Proces. That's why this process is very important also for Safety because:

1- it enchance your Six Sense and

2- takes care for "a blessing in disguise"

Add Blue to your projects to make is easy!

Its for your Safety, Health, Co-operation, OI ( Organisational Intelligence ) and ROI

Implementation in 3 phases is cheap.

With fast visible and measurable results!

Don't loose energy by trying to predict, or prepare for, the Black Swan. Put that energy in the Serendipity Management Process which invokes the Blue Swans.

Blue Swan